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Tattoos by Nicholas Crawford

A website designed to meet the needs of Nicholas Crawford, a North County Tattoo artist who currently works out of Good Neighbor Tattoo. Nick has been a client for the last five years.

Technology Used: HTML, CSS, JQuery.
CSS and HTML used for most of the styling and :hover effects.
JQuery powered gallery and embedded widgets.

Sky Sailing

Let Your Heart Soar

Sky Sailing is Southern Califonria's premiere soaring destination. Explore the rugged high plains desert of Warner Springs, catch glimpse of Borrego Springs, and the Cleveland Forest on and around Palomar Mountain. Sky Sailing has been a client for the last six years.

Technology Used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
CSS and HTML used to create a complete three collum liquid layout.
JavaScript used for Galleries, Image Rotations, Widgets and some on refresh effects.

City 7

This City Never Rests

City 7 The Moive is the website for the Digital Raven short film City 7. Digital Raven was a company started by Ryan "TheGrav" Berry, Peter Stoll, Christin Stoll and Keith Robinson in 2010. Our goal is to create action, sci-fi, and horror shorts, indie films, and webisodes to be released on YouTube. Our current porjects can be found on the Digital Raven website.

Technology Used: In Production

The Art of Tessa Berry

Portfolio of Tessa Berry

Tessa Berry is a student and artist, her site was built to act as a portfolio and uses some of the basic ideas of Once again my aim was to create a sort of interactive art experience, not just a standard informational webpage.

Technology Used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
CSS and HTML used to place and aling the bacjground images, and to provide hover over changes. Jquery Tools libraries used to create overlay and scrollable features.

Digital Raven

Southern California Film Production Company

Digital Raven is a Southern California Production Company specializing in action/adventure, science fiction and horror movies.

Technology Used: In Production